How to Add Personalized, Triggered Changes to Your Website with inSite

Promoting an upcoming offer or event, highlighting a certain holiday period, selling a new product, promoting a new post – all of these are good reasons to add that extra personal touch to your WordPress site to grab your visitors’ attention.
There already exist certain plugins to add a notification bar to your site or to add something like a fireworks effect during the 4th of July period, but you’d have to add them all separately and some of them might require manually monitoring them.
The ideal solution would be to have one plugin with all these options (and more), along with the option of creating your own in-site personalisation effects as well as a choice of triggers and time limits to go with them. Enter the inSite plugin.

inSite for WP – Personalization Made Easy
inSite was created to offer “smart, personalized recipes that automatically change your website at pre-determined trigger points to create a richer, more engaged and relevant visitor experience that drives greater conversion.”
It offers a code-free means of enhancing your visitors’ experience while browsing through your WordPress site at no extra cost and with minimal effort. All you have to do is choose a trigger, decide what change you want there to be, and your inSite is ready to go in just a few minutes.

There are many different uses for inSites. Some of the most basic and effective ones include promoting a new offer during a sale period, informing users about new products/posts, celebrating holidays or even displaying a newsletter registration form.
Among its other more particular uses are the ability to add an introductory video about your product for first-time visitors, changing the contact number depending on the visitors’ location when you have offices in multiple locations, and many more.
Triggers & Changes
As I already mentioned, there are a number of triggers and site changes available for your inSites, so here’s a quick look at what’s on offer.
The triggers include Time, defining a time and date for the inSite to appear, including the possibility of recurring events; Visitor, triggering an inSite on a particular visit number; Location, triggering something in particular depending on the visitors’ location; Device, triggering an inSite based on the type of device being used; Campaign URL, where you can create a dedicated URL parameter that is appended to your site and changes the content of the page; and lastly a Custom Trigger where you can add any custom JavaScript code to create the conditions of your liking.
An example of adding a New Element and the settings to choose.
The changes available are four. Firstly you can Add a New Element to one or more pages of your site, possibly including buttons, text, images, custom HTML and even shortcodes from other plugins. You can also add a Notification Bar to include a message on the top of your site, possibly to promote an event or offer. The third change is a Special Effect such as falling stars, fireworks or snowflakes, depending on the time of year, and lastly there is Custom JavaScript, where the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination (and coding expertise).
The inSite Library
The inSite Library is a selection of pre-built inSites that you can make use of right from the off. You don’t need to touch any code or anything of the sort; simply select the inSite you want, edit the text, number or anything else related to that particular inSite, choose your trigger and activate it.
The inSite Library within the Dashboard.
There are well over a hundred inSites available for use at the moment of writing this post, and by clicking on each one you can watch a preview of the inSite in action along with some basic instructions on what it does. You even have the option of previewing it on a mobile device or opening it up on a demo site in a new page to see it in its full glory.
A small pin icon in the bottom left hand corner of each inSite indicates the number of uses it currently has while the orange “Add” button on the right is all you need to click on to get started.
Building Your First inSite
Besides using one of the inSites from the library you can also build your own in what is a very simple process. All you have to do to get started is click on the “Build your own inSite” button above the library and start choosing the settings you want.
First up you need to choose whether you want to display a new element, a notification bar, a special effect, or some other custom JavaScript code that will execute when the inSite is triggered. Selecting the Notification Bar as an example, you can then start modifying it as you see fit, adding the text, font, colour, links and settings you need.
The settings start off by choosing where to display the notification bar, be it on a particular page or URL, or on all the pages. You’re also provided with the options of showing the notification immediately or after a certain number of seconds as well as hiding the notification after a set amount of time.

Display Options

Edit Content/Settings

Mobile Preview

In the mean time, while you’re setting all this up, you are also provided with a live preview within the Dashboard and a link to a mobile preview (also within the Dashboard), making it easier to keep track of your changes without having to go live first.
Your next steps are to set the trigger options and settings you want. First up you can select one of the six trigger options that we mentioned earlier and click “Next”. From here you’ll be able to set the event details for this notification, including the dates and times during which it should be triggered, the time zone to refer to, as well as an option to have this inSite occur just the once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Trigger Options

Trigger Settings

Activate the inSite

Once this is done your inSite is ready to be saved as a draft or go live. All you have to do now is name it, give it a description for your own reference, and choose whether you want this inSite to be shared with other members of the community.
The process is very similar for the other display and trigger options, with the exception of the settings that you need to change. These would depend on the effects and settings on offer for that particular option and trigger combination.
Monitoring inSite Stats
Once an inSite is up and running it’s always a good idea to see how well it’s performing, which is why the developers have included an inSite Stats section where you can monitor some basic stats such as the number of impressions, number of actions taken, and a percentage conversion rate.
Your inSite Stats section within the Dashboard.
My inSites
Lastly, if you decide to have multiple inSites running at once or you’d like to set up different ones for different purposes or times of the year, you can keep these all stored and organised in the My inSites section.
Here you’re provided with the list of inSites you have, their status, the description you would have given them, as well as the various actions you can take. These include editing the inSites, previewing them, deactivating those that are active and activating those that are paused.
The My inSites section displaying any and all inSites that you create.
Documentation & Support
With regards to the documentation and support available for the plugin, there isn’t yet a lot to go off of since this is a rather new plugin in the repository. Having said that, the plugin itself is very easy to use and it is set up in such a way that the whole process will be intuitive for any level of user.
There are also a few FAQs and screenshots in the repository to explain the basic steps, as well as an introductory video that explains what content personalisation is and how inSite makes it so easy to do.
The inSite website offers some more detailed explanations as well as links to the full library of available inSites, along with a longer list of FAQs that will answer most of the questions you might have about this plugin.
Conclusions & Recommendations
All in all this is a simple plugin that does its job well without much fuss. It won’t require a lot of time to set up or any code-writing thanks to its intuitive interface and simplified options. Having said that, if you want to take it a step further and create some cool custom personalisations for your WordPress site, then you have that option too.
The plugin is free to download from the repository and is still in Beta at the moment, so if you do come across any bugs then just let the developers know about it, however I found it to be a pretty smooth process throughout during testing.
Have you tried out inSite or found any other similar plugins? What are your thoughts about it? We’d love to get your feedback about this in the comments below.

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