Create Interactive Images in WordPress Using WP Draw Attention

As a website owner, you’re likely always looking for ways to make your site more useful and engaging. While images and videos can certainly help enhance your content, they can only take you so far. Whether you’re a real estate or interior design company looking to showcase floorplans or an e-commerce site promoting products, interactive images, and image maps can help make your site more interesting and useful. Plus, thanks to plugins such as WP Draw Attention, adding interactive images in WordPress is incredibly simple! In this post, we’ll introduce you to WP Draw attention, including its unique features, benefits, and use cases. We’ll also explain pricing details and how to get started. Let’s jump in! An Introduction to WP Draw Attention Created by N Squared, WP Draw Attention is an all-in-one plugin you can use to build and add interactive images and image maps to your WordPress website: This freemium plugin is the perfect solution for when you want a higher level of interactivity than is possible to achieve with basic images, videos, and GIFs. You can use it to: Create interactive floorplans for real estate properties, tradeshows, event seating charts, and moreProvide tutorials for your website visitorsDisplay dynamic views of products that allow consumers to get a better idea of the itemBuild interactive maps with clickable hotspots and feature areas WP Draw Attention is fully responsive so it automatically translates images and maps across devices, including touchscreens. It’s also accessible, meaning it works with keyboard commands and screen readers. Another advantage of the WP Draw plugin is that it’s fully compatible with WordPress. You can use the interactive images anywhere on your site, including pages and posts, via shortcode. The plugin includes a Beaver Builder module that makes creating and building your interactive maps and pages quick and easy. WP Draw Attention: Key Features for Interactive Images As the number one WordPress plugin for creating interactive images and image maps, WP Draw Attention includes a suite of unique features and functionality that you don’t necessarily get with other plugins. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest features. Easy-To-Use Drawing Tools WP Draw Attention is easy to use, even for WordPress beginners. It allows you to draw complex, colorful shapes, and add a wide range of content elements, including: Images (including PNG, JPG, and GIF)TextHeadlinesShortcodeGalleriesVideoAudioAnd more The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to place, move, and adjust points on your interactive images and maps. Once you create them, they are automatically responsive and SEO-friendly. Hotspots, Linking, and Highlighting You can also use the interactive image editor to add hotspots, highlighting, and links. For example, with the lightbox and tooltips features, your visitors can click to reveal more information when they hover over a certain area of the map. You can also customize it so that certain hotspots of the map are highlighted in a different color when a visitor hovers over the area with their mouse: WP Draw Attention users have the option to add links to highlighted shapes. You can link to other pages, posts, and products on your site, as well as add external links to point to other websites that can open in the same or new window. Pre-Defined and Custom Color Schemes and Palettes This interactive image plugin comes with over 20 pre-defined color schemes, making it easy to create a color palette that fits with your current WordPress theme or branding. You also have the option to create your own custom color scheme or palette. WP Draw Attention also provides a variety of features for controlling the customization and styling of your interactive images and image maps: You can customize the image text, title, and background colors, define the opacity, and adjust the style and layout options. How to Get Started With WP Draw Attention One of the unique advantages of the WP Draw Attention plugin that distinguishes it from other interactive image plugins is that it offers a free version, which you can download from the WordPress Plugin Directory. This plugin is great if you only need to create one interactive image or simply want to try out the plugin before purchasing the premium version. Once you download and activate the WP Draw Attention plugin on your website, it will add a Draw Attention menu item to your dashboard. After selecting Edit Image, you can use the image editor to upload your images and configure the style and functionality settings: When you’re ready to add your interactive image to a page or post, you can do so quickly by copying the shortcode: To take advantage of the long list of features and functionalities the WP Draw attention plugin offers, we recommend upgrading to the premium version. It includes more layout options and pre-design color schemes and templates, as well as the ability to create unlimited images and use them on unlimited websites. If you want to purchase WP Draw Attention premium, there are two pricing plans to choose from: To get started, you can experiment with some of the interactive image demos on the plugin website: The premium plugin also includes a year of support and updates. However, if you need help installing or using it, you can also refer to the WP Draw Attention documentation. Conclusion Images, videos, and GIFs can help boost your site’s appearance and make your content more engaging. However, if you want to deliver the best user experience possible and take your WordPress site to the next level, interactive images and image maps are the way to go. As we discussed in this post, WP Draw Attention is a powerful WordPress plugin that makes creating, customizing, and adding interactive images to your site quick and easy. It’s fully responsive, and accessible, and includes a wide range of styling and customization features that allow you to seamlessly showcase products, floorplans, tutorials, and more. Do you have any questions about the WP Draw Attention plugin? Let us know in the comments below! Will Morris Will Morris is a staff writer at WordCandy. When he’s not writing about WordPress, he likes to gig his stand-up comedy routine on the local circuit. 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