5+ Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins (Premium Collection)

5+ Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins (Premium Collection)

Notification bars can be effective tools in directing traffic to your expected page that can increase the revenue of your site. They work as a perfect call to action buttons and can be used for various purposes such as recruiting new email subscribers, displaying offers/discounts or linking towards your site’s important contents.
Basically, many website owners like to use Popup Banners for directing the attention of the visitors to an important announcement or offers. However, many readers find them annoying and close them down immediately. So, in that scenario, placing your announcements/offers on a notification bar would be an ideal alternative as they are not instructive and at the same time grabs the attention of your reader. Besides, they also do not obstruct the viewing area and are more user-friendly than popups. Additionally, they also work fine on mobiles as well.
If your website is built with WordPress networks then, you would be glad to that there are abundant numbers of Free and Premium Notification Bars Plugins that will help you create and manage your notifications in a simple and easy way.


Some of the Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins

Apex Notification Bar

8Degree Notification Bar Pro




Wrapping Up

Some of the Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins
Now let’s talk about some of the Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugins that I have handpicked according to its sales, popularity, and functionality. These plugins come with quality features and will help you create and manage your notification panels in no less time. Also, these plugins are compatible with the latest version of WordPress networks.
Let’s take a look at them on details:
Apex Notification Bar
Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin: Apex Notification Bar
Apex Notification Bar is a Premium WordPress Notification Bar Plugin that allows you to manage multiple engaging notification bars on your website. Hence, using the plugin you can notify your website’s visitors about the new releases, offers, deals, messages, news, etc. The plugin comes with 35 Pre Available Designs and custom designs as well as set background image templates.
It is a responsive plugin that allows you to make different types of notification bars on your WordPress site. The different types of notification bar include custom icons, email subscription form, contact popup, twitter tweet feeds, post title slider, countdown timer, search forms, video popup and many more.
Major Features of Apex Notification Bar

35 Pre Available Templates/Custom Template Designs
Date Wise/Scheduled Notification Bars
Multiple Notification Bars
Page-Based Notification Bars
Unlimited Customization Bar Options
Upload Background Images
Custom Logo Sections
Inbuilt Multiple Icons or Custom Icons

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8Degree Notification Bar Pro
Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin: 8Degree Notification Bar Pro
8Degree Notification Bar Pro is a Premium Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress that allows you to add engaging notification bars on your website. Using the plugin you can notify your website visitors about your site’s new release, offers, messages, news, etc through notification in an effective way. It is a responsive and feature-rich plugin that is built to simplify the user needs.
The plugin allows you to create multiple notification bars, data wise and scheduled notification bar that can be highly customized. Additionally, You can choose 10 pre-designed templates and custom designs to build beautiful notification bars in less amount of time. Besides, the plugin allows you to add various bar components such as social icons, email subscription form, contact popup form, twitter tweets and post title on your notification bar.
Major Features of 8Degree Notification Bar

Multiple Notification Bars
10 Pre Available Templates and Custom Designs
Various Notification Bar Components
3 Notification Bars Effects
5 Notification Bars Position
3 Notification Bars Visibility
Constant Contact and MailChimp Subscription Integrated
Opt-In Subscribers Lists

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Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin: SuperBar
SuperBar is a Premium Notification Bar WordPress Plugin that allows you to add great looking notification bar on your website. It comes with various customization options to customize your super notification bar in different ways.
It is an advanced plugin that comes 12 inbuilt demos sample for the items that can be added to your site’s notification bar. The demo includes a countdown timer,  recent post slider, videos, login form, search form, text formatting, logo, Twitter, and Facebook feeds, social icons, flicker feeds etc. Besides, the plugin is also compatible with WooCommerce and BuddyPress as well.
Major Features of SuperBar

12 Demos Samples of your Notification Bar
BuddyPress and WP-eCommerce Compatible
Cross Browser Compatible
Different Notification Bar Position
Column Options
Open/Close Buttons
Column Content

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Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin: Notifire
Notifire is a simple and intuitive Frontend Notification Plugin for displaying notification bars on your WordPress site. It comes with multiple options and features that allow you to place the notification bar for various purposes. You can use it for announcing news, tracking attentions, advertising sales, or providing additional info for specific pages or products.
It is a highly configurable plugin that comes with 3 different styles for integrating your notification bar with your WordPress theme. Besides, the plugin also allows you to position your notification bar into 8 different positions.
Major Features of Notifire

8 Different Screen Positions
4 Different Icons
Page Specific Notifications
Show Notification during a Specific Time Periods
Options to Show Notification bars on Specific Pages, Posts, Custom URLs
Show Notification Bar to Certain Users According to User Roles
Individual Background and Font Colors
3 Different Predefined Styles

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Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin: SiteCreate
SiteCreate is one of the best WordPress Plugin for displaying the notification bar on your website. It is a simple to use plugin that lets you change the styles and position without any coding skills. Besides, the plugin supports shortcodes. Hence, using them you can display the notification bar on any specific page or posts.
Besides, the plugin comes with social icons for displaying social profiles of your business. Also, it contains sleek and modern search form that you can style up as per your preference.
Major Features of Site Create

Relative Position for Notification Bar
Add/Remove/Reorder Notification as per your Preference
Customize Everything from the Colour to the Button Styles
Users are Allow to Dismiss the Bar
Includes Neat Inline Search Forms
Includes Social Profile Icons
RGBA Color Picker
Background Image Field Options

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Wrapping Up
There are still several high-quality Notification Bar Plugin for WordPress available on the internet. Most of them contain both free and premium versions, with helpful supports and are reasonably priced. However, I have listed the Best 5 that is very popular and has the most number of sales among all.
Hope the article is a great help for you to find a perfect Notification Bar Plugin for your WordPress site. If there is any plugin, you think is needed to be added to the list then let us know.
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