20+ Best Marketplaces for Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Marketplaces of WordPress Themes

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that offers boundless opportunities for anyone- beginners, developers, or experts. For developers and experts, there is always something more to do – contribute something creative to this cool software. In the case of beginners, it is a sum of benefits as they can easily learn how to use, instantly create a website of their own. The marketplaces of WordPress themes and plugins are the real-time hub for earning money for the theme and plugin developers.
WordPress is indeed awesome as it offers you thousands of themes to develop any kind of website instantly. With WordPress, you don’t need to develop a website completely from scratch. That’s a relief!
You can find countless WordPress themes on the web for creating any kind of website you like. WordPress.org  has a vast collection of free WordPress themes, among which some are of great use. But free themes may not meet your needs if you are starting a big project. For greater functionality and support, you can buy premium WordPress themes from any of the WordPress theme marketplaces online.
To help the people looking for cost-effective yet efficient and powerful WordPress themes, I have put together the best marketplaces to buy quality WordPress themes. In the meantime, I think this list of marketplaces is also useful for the theme developers to sell WordPress themes they crafted. Browse quickly to find an opportunity for yourself in these marketplaces!



Mojo Marketplace

Creative Market








Template Monster

PremiumPress Themes



Graph Paper Press


WP Eden

Ink Themes






Wrapping Up


Themeforest is doubtlessly the number 1 marketplace for premium WordPress themes. Besides, Themeforest features quality web templates for other platforms like Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. This marketplace offers a number of theme niches from very generic to the most specific one at the most competitive price. You are totally free to select one at your budget with adequate choices.
Trending WordPress themes in Themeforest:

Avada- Responsive Multi-Purpose theme     view theme
X- The theme    view theme
Enfold- Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in Themeforest
Mojo Marketplace

Mojo Marketplace is one of the best WordPress marketplaces for quality web templates. This marketplace features a large number of WordPress themes and templates, Joomla themes, eCommerce themes, etc. It offers an easy and free platform for people willing to buy or sell web templates and themes.
Browse for more themes in Mojo Marketplace.
Creative Market

Creative Market has 2000+ ready-to-use WordPress themes from independent creators. There are WordPress themes in 10 different categories with hundreds of themes in each category at the most reasonable price.
Trending WordPress themes in Creative Market:

HIVE- A Magazine-Style Theme     view theme
Supernova- WordPress Theme     view theme
FREYJA- WordPress Theme for Bloggers     view theme

Browse for more themes in Creative Market.

Elegant Themes offers beautiful WordPress themes of great design and usability. It has a membership plan for its customers that you will get access to all of their themes at the purchase of one, i.e. membership.
Trending WordPress themes in Elegant Themes:

Divi Theme – Powerful Multipurpose Theme     view theme 
Nexus – A Versatile WordPress Magazine Theme     view theme
StyleShop  – Responsive eCommerce WP Theme   view theme

Browse for more themes in Elegant Themes. 

Woo Themes is one of the most authentic and trustworthy WordPress marketplaces for WordPress themes and plugins. You can find clean and beautiful themes of various categories like business, eCommerce, portfolio, magazine, etc at a reasonable price. It offers all themes packages for $399.
Trending WordPress themes in WooThemes:

Storefront     view theme
Hub     view theme
Upstart     view theme

Browse for more themes in Woo Themes.

StudioPress brings about the professionally designed premium WordPress themes powered by the Genesis framework. It is a big name industry in web design today which is trusted by millions of people to build their incredible websites. It also features some quality themes from the third-party theme makers.
Trending WordPress themes in StudioPress:

Genesis Framework     view theme
Altitude Pro Theme     view theme
Atmosphere Pro Theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in StudioPress.

ThemeSnap is one of the greatest WordPress marketplaces for people willing to buy themes in different frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, HTML/CSS, and PSD. It has a number of quality WordPress themes from top authors and designers around the world. The price of the themes is ranging from $20 to $200.
Trending WordPress themes in FlexiThemes:

Directory Builder- Classified Ads Listings & Events     view theme
WPCook- Recipes & Cooking Responsive WordPress Theme     view theme 

Browse for more themes in ThemeSnap.

WPZoom has a wide selection of WordPress themes, which lets you zoom in and find the right one for yourself. It features professional and impressive WordPress themes for anyone- producers, restaurants, freelancers, publishers, etc. The themes in WPZoom are made for ease of use and fast support.
Trending WordPress themes in WPZoom:

Venture Theme     view theme
Domino Magazine      view theme
Foodica     view theme

Browse for more themes in WPZoom. 

ThemeFoundry brings about professionally crafted premium WordPress themes with polished design, fine coding, and ease of use. You have options to buy individual themes or get a bundle of all themes in ThemeFoundry. It offers all the themes at the purchase of Foundry Pro for $199.
Trending WordPress themes in ThemeFoundry:

Bailey      view theme
Oxford      view theme 
Finder      view theme

Browse for more themes in ThemeFoundry. 

As the name, Organic Themes features fresh and carefully human-designed WordPress themes to help you create awesome websites. It is only a WordPress themes marketplace with professionally designed themes. The themes are very cost-effective when you buy them individually or all the themes.
Trending WordPress themes at Organic Themes:

Purpose Theme     view theme
Business Theme     view theme
Photographer Theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in Organic Themes.
Template Monster

Template Monster is a giant among the web template selling platforms. It features Joomla, Magento, and other themes along with WordPress themes. This marketplace has a huge collection of more than 1600 WordPress themes below various categories.
Trending WordPress Themes in Template Monster:

Monstroid  Multipurpose Responsive WordPress theme      view theme
Advisto  Financial Advisor Parallax WP Theme       view theme
GrannaLi Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme      view theme

Browse for more themes in Template Monster. 
PremiumPress Themes

PremiumPress Themes features great business themes for WordPress which are very powerful, SEO friendly, and easy to customize. It offers mainly two pricing plans- Theme Package and VIP Club Package. Theme Package comes with 1 theme and 10+child themes for $79 and VIP club Package comes with all the themes and 80+ child themes for $249.
Trending WordPress themes in PremiumPress:

Directory Theme for WordPress     view theme
Micro Jobs Theme for WordPress     view theme
WordPress Digital Downloads Theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in PremiumPress Themes.

Organized Themes brings about outstanding WordPress themes at your budget that are easy to customize and user-friendly. There are great themes that suit your business, church, non-profit, or restaurant websites. It has mainly three kinds of membership plans- life membership, year membership, and 6 months membership.
Trending themes in Organized Themes:

Finesse     view theme
Grassroots     view theme
Forward     view theme

Browse for more themes in Organized Themes.

App Themes sells powerful and feature-rich premium WordPress themes for businesses of all sizes. The themes are designed by experts that enable you to create a great website of your own instantly.
Trending WordPress themes in App Themes:

Vantage – Directory theme for WordPress   view theme 
JobRoller – Job board theme for WordPress    view theme 
Clipper – Coupon Theme for WordPress     view theme

Browse for more themes in App Themes.
Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press sells you minimalist WordPress themes of great usability. It features more than 50 beautiful WordPress themes that enable you to create a unique and wonderful website of your own. It offers access to all the themes just for $99. That’s indeed a cool offer!
Trending WordPress themes in Graph Paper Press:

QUA     view theme
Lookbook     view theme
Wall Street     view theme

Browse for more themes in Graph Paper Press.

Templatic features over 80 premium WordPress themes that suit small businesses, bloggers, and eCommerce websites. This marketplace also sells WordPress plugins along with WordPress themes. It has a cool offer for the customers that they can get access to all the themes for just $299.
Trending WordPress themes in Templatic:

JobsDirectory     view theme
Directory theme     view theme
DigiSeller     view theme

Browse for more themes in Templatic. 
WP Eden

WP Eden is an awesome collection of free and premium WordPress themes and plugins. It sells quality WordPress themes at a minimum price of $100 each. Besides, there are also some cool free themes available.
Browse for more themes in WP Eden.
Ink Themes

Ink Themes is a perfect marketplace for the WordPress theme and plugin sellers and buyers both. It features 100+ super responsive premium WordPress themes for blogs, businesses, portfolios, or photography. It offers a bundle of WordPress themes for just $147.
Trending WordPress themes in Ink Themes:

Colorway V3 – Responsive WP Business Theme    view theme
GeoCraft V2 – City Business Directory Business Theme     view theme
Tan Salon – Tanning Salon WordPress Theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in Ink Themes.

Obox Themes sells over 30 premium WordPress themes designed by the Obox team with a lot of hard work and patience. There are themes for a huge variety of choices (website niches). The great-looking themes are rated $79 at the single item purchase and $299 for the all themes package.
Trending WordPress themes in Obox Themes:

Ink Drop     view theme
Fall     view theme
The Stylist     view theme 

Browse for themes in Obox Themes.

WPHUB is a marketplace for premium WordPress themes and site hosting. It sells the best premium WordPress themes made by the top theme authors in the market. The handpicked themes are available at a very reasonable price ranging from $39- $49.
Trending WordPress themes in WPHUB:

Hotelia     view theme
Sevenfold     view theme
Fable     view theme 

Browse for more themes in WPHUB.

Press75 features cool WordPress themes and plugins with purpose. The themes are professionally designed, clean and simple. It is a collection of over 20 beautiful themes which you can buy for just $199.
Trending WordPress themes in Press75:

Balanced     view theme 
Folio     view theme
Wanderer     view theme

Browse for more themes in Press75. 

Themify sells the most powerful and flexible WordPress themes created by the team Themify. The themes are multi-purpose and professional looking. Themify themes cost $49 for a single theme purchase and you can get access to all current and future themes for just $79 in Themify Club.
Trending WordPress themes in Themify:

Split – Beautiful split scrolling WP Theme    view theme
Ultra – Powerful and flexible WP Theme    view theme
Landing – Beautiful landing page WP theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in Themify. 

ThemeFuse creates and sells stunning powerful WordPress themes and templates for any purpose. The themes are modern and responsive to those suit any kind of business like a shop, restaurant, personal, blogging, etc.
Trending WordPress themes in ThemeFuse:

The Trip – Travel Blog WordPress Theme     view theme 
Creative Core – Responsive WP Theme for Digital Agencies     view theme
Molino – Coffee Shop and Bakery WordPress Theme     view theme

Browse for more themes in ThemeFuse. 

Wrapping Up
Whatever category, niche, price or quality of theme you are searching for, you will most likely locate the best one for your need in theseWordPress theme stores and marketplaces given above. The single marketplace has a wide range of choices for you to select for your new project. You can buy any of the trending themes and start making your own website right away.
If you are one of the theme developers, I am sure that these marketplaces have an adequate space for your products if they maintain the quality. These marketplaces can be the best places to reach out to the large range of the customers and create a signature for yourself and your brand.
If you are already one of the customers or contributors to any of these marketplaces, you can surely write down your experience below in the comment box. I would love it if you suggest me any other marketplaces similar to these, with which I can extend my list and create a complete resource of WordPress theme marketplaces.



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