10 Tips to Have Attractive CBD WordPress Themes

Do you want to get one of the CBD WordPress Themes for your website?
WordPress for a long time has been used to make it easy for businesses to set up their websites. It is not just for business as you can also have personal blogs done through the WordPress framework. This is mainly because of how easy it is to manipulate the various elements of the WordPress platform even when you are not a web developer. 
Such flexibility from WordPress has made it so easy for more companies to get into the CBD world. You also could use WordPress for your next blog even if it is in a different niche. 
Several new companies are entering the CBD industry right now. CBD is gradually being proven to bring a lot of health benefits, and CBD for anxiety is gaining popularity among many users. Therefore, there will be many websites that cover medical CBD to bring the right viewpoint to readers. 
Your company needs to be unique in its approach to the CBD world. One of the parts of this strategy is coming up with an attractive WordPress website or blog. How would you do it?
Picking a WordPress theme should never be hard if you have all the right guidelines. Here are some quick tips for finding the best WordPress themes to use in the CBD sector. 


1. Think of the features you want ahead

2. Bloated themes do not much for you

3. Consider the theme color

4. Invest in premium WordPress themes

5. Look at the font too

6. Responsive WordPress designs

7. Do enough tests before going live

8. Social media integration

9. Auto-update

10. Widget options


1. Think of the features you want ahead 
There are thousands of options when seeking WordPress themes. So, it is best to make a list of features you would want to find in a theme that suits your CBD business. 
Take a keen look at what other brands in the same sector are doing. It could be that the brands are integrating crucial widgets that help the visitor stay longer on the website. You can think of the same too. 
How about having multiple columns on the homepage only? Do you need a developer to do it for you, or does the theme offer the option? Such are some of the features to see if the theme allows for better customization and make the theme your own. 
2. Bloated themes do not much for you 
Getting a feature-rich theme can be good for your CBD website. It means you can enhance the visuals and make them more attractive to visitors. However, it should not just have these features for the sake of having them. Bloated themes often make it hard for the visitors to browse the website better and find what they need. 
That is not all. A bloated theme will affect the site’s performance. This is because the website needs to load a lot of features even before getting to the content that brought the visitor. For this reason, you might end up with a high bounce rate for your website. 
So, as much as some features might be attractive at first, they can hamper the website’s speed, thus making it hard to browse it. Choose a website with only the relevant features you need. 
3. Consider the theme color 
Since we are talking about attractive CBD WordPress themes, you should still consider the color. The colors need to be relatable and still easy on the eyes. Anyone who has done online marketing before understands how the color of your website would help in brand recognition. 
If you do a quick search on the available WordPress themes for CBD websites, you can quickly notice that there will be a good number featuring a green color theme. So, when someone visits such a website, they can quickly associate it with CBD. 
This does not mean you can not try colors other than green. There are multiple options available, so pick an attractive color scheme that will not distract the reader so much but still offers an attractive view of the website. 
You may have to engage a web developer later if necessary to help in changing the colors too. If you do not want this additional step, you choose to pick the theme with the colors you like on the first go. 
4. Invest in premium WordPress themes 
Using free WordPress themes might seem popular, but you can expect some limitations down the line. The most notable would be that you do not get support from the developer. With no support, sometimes things can be hard to edit and customize the WordPress just as you want it. 
Sometimes the author can abandon the theme at any time because it is free. When this happens, you risk not getting updates at all. With no updates, you may find yourself with an outdated theme that does not give you the best user experience anymore. 
There will be several options for you to consider when picking the premium WordPress themes. Look at the reviews to understand what previous clients say about the developer. We also recommend you choose one that requires a single, one-time payment rather than recurring payments. 
5. Look at the font too 
This one still goes back to how long you want to keep the web visitors on your CBD website. 
You can always keep yourself in the visitor’s shoes and ask yourself if you would continue reading the blog post with that font. It is possible some fonts might seem attractive at first, but they also tend to distract the reader from reading the post. Also, some are just hard to read. 
We recommend going for fonts that are easy to read and still look good. Some options include Lato, Arvo, Vollkorn, and more. If you can take your time to do proper research, you should find more fonts. You can still get free or paid fonts, but free fonts can still do a good job in this case. 
Anyone familiar with coding and CSS will find it easy to adjust the font options in the theme. This is where you may notice how free WordPress themes may limit you in customizing the font. As we go on, you will see more reasons why a premium theme is always a good idea. 
6. Responsive WordPress designs 
The idea of having a responsive website has been repeated for so long but you might be surprised someone won’t pick a responsive WordPress theme still. Erik Pham, Founder of Health Canal “Each niche requires specific creative strategies, whether your website is related to CBD products, developing web design is still important, it will increase the consumer experience and get returning visitors to your website.”
So, what does a responsive health WordPress theme even mean?
Responsive means your blog will automatically adjust the size of the website to fit the device’s screen. Unlike before, where you had to toggle between desktop and mobile versions, it is automatically done for you. 
A large percentage of internet users now access websites using mobile devices. You need them to have an easy time viewing the content. More web traffic means more sales and views. 
7. Do enough tests before going live 
You may have found an attractive theme and now you are ready to make it live on your CBD website. However, we do not recommend doing so unless you have done some vital tests to see how the theme behaves. 
An example is generating a live preview to see how the theme makes your website look. Also, you could use the Theme Check WordPress plugin to see if the theme would live up to the current standards of the platform. 
It is only when you have gone through the various stages that you can decide if it is a good theme or not. You should also invest in a good hosting plan that can support the many features the theme might have already. 
8. Social media integration 
Not many businesses right now can survive without social media integration. So, does your theme allow for this? Make sure that you have a WordPress theme that allows for ease of integrating social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. 
Such integration allows the readers to take a keen look at the brand and fully understand what it is all about. Also, it helps your company have a wider reach considering you will also be posting links to the latest content on your social media channels. 
9. Auto-update 
Updating the WordPress theme is essential for your website’s look and performance. Even if the theme’s author offers updates, you should have the option of picking whether you want auto-update or do it manually. Auto-update might be nice for someone who does not always have the time to keep up with the changes. 
You could also do it manually especially when you want to read through the details first. This is to help you see what is being updated so that you can do the update only if it is necessary. 
10. Widget options 
Widgets are important for the look of your CBD WordPress website. It is vital that you only get a theme that supports a wide range of widgets. The widgets should also be customizable to your liking. 
Some notable options would be adding a search bar widget. People do not understand just how important a search bar is until they have to use it. The search bar can help you get the content you need fast. 
Most great themes will also have spaces where you can integrate the widgets. Some of the most common areas include footers, sidebars, headers, and below content. However, you can get more locations depending on the choice of theme. 
You may have easily realized that WordPress is the best platform for a website or blog and there are several themes available to use. However, now that you know what features to consider, it might be time to give it a try. Always list the features you would like as they will guide you better to buying or getting a free WordPress theme that suits your business better. 



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