10 Best WordPress Table Plugins

Best Table WordPress Plugins

Want to create tables in your blog? Fed up with long codes for creating tables? Then, here are some WordPress table plugins you can rely on.
WordPress Classic Editor has no built-in support for tables which means you have to start using HTML code. Whereas new editor on WordPress, Gutenberg has the option to add Tables on your page and posts but it offers very limited options. 
So, what can be the best way?
You can start to use a table plugin which is a much easier way. Whether you’re comparing prices, sharing data, or anything else, table plugins are perfect tools that will help you to present information to your website visitors in a visually appealing way.


Why use WordPress table plugins?

Advanced Tables


League Table

Posts Table Pro

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

Data Tables Generator


Easy Table of Contents

Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

JRT Responsive Tables

Wrapping Up

Why use WordPress table plugins?
Maybe you have seen tables offline in Google Sheets, Excel, and other spreadsheet programs. As well as the tables are popular in newspapers and other publications too. It is the best way of organizing the information.
The tables are used in different enterprises like a business, eCommerce, education, sports, science, and non-profit. Many developers use HTML code for tables but if you are unaware of the codes then, it may be a troublemaker task for you.
For this, table plugins will be a great help for you as it serves the WordPress core needs of creating tables. These plugins will help you to present packages and prices visually where you can easily create grid-style layouts etc.
There are different types of free and premium WordPress table plugins which may be really difficult for beginners to select the best one. Let’s have a look:
Advanced Tables

Advanced Tables is a WordPress table plugin that creates responsive tables in simple and user-friendly Excel-style editor. You can easily insert tables into any post or page using the shortcode. Create the table headings with custom names and tables with unlimited rows and columns. The plugin lets you use all types of alignments, both vertical and horizontal. It allows you to copy and paste data from any source as well as copy tables with all content and settings.
Major Features:

Insert Tables in any Post or Page with easy shortcode builder
Insert media files into the Table using standard WordPress Media Editor
Create automatic totals count in the Table footer
Add and remove rows and columns dynamically
Create a list of Tables, designed with the responsive Tabs
Insert The Tabs with the Tables into your Post or Page using shortcodes

Download          Preview


wpDataTables is a table plugin for WordPress that is perfect to manage tables and charts without complicated configuration. This plugin has several built-in editing tools where each editor supports different controls such as dropdowns or date pickers. It includes customizable tables and charts as it is required. This plugin gives lifetime updates and 6 months of support for its users.
Major Features:

Spreadsheet excel-like editing
Responsive design and dynamic charts
Show or edit MySQL table data
Show calculated values using formula columns
Front-end or back-end data table editing
Allow users to edit only their own rows

Download          Preview

League Table

League Table is a WordPress table plugin that lets you create beautiful sortable and responsive tables inside your pages, posts, custom post types or widget area. This plugin is easy to use where you can easily create a perfect table without even reading the manual. It comes with 105 customizable options per table, 17 options per cell, and 13 general options to create an unlimited variety of tables. The plugin provides high-quality support in English and Italian directly via email.
Major Features:

Works well on all the sites
Sortable columns
Spreadsheet editor
Fast and easy to use
Multilingual ready

Download          Preview

Posts Table Pro

Posts Table Pro is a perfect WordPress plugin to showcase your posts, pages, video, audio and documents with customizable tables. You can automatically create a table form WordPress posts, products or any custom post type. This plugin allows you to display custom fields, categories, and multimedia content including video and audio in your table. It is easy to create your table with this plugin and display custom fields, multimedia content or taxonomies.
Major Features:

Simple to set up and customize
List any WordPress content
Instant search, filter, and sort
Custom fields and taxonomies
Embed video and audio
High performance and fast to load

Download          Preview

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables is a WordPress plugin that comes with a pack of pure CSS3 web pricing table with 2 table styles and 20 predefined colors. This plugin loaded with tons of options like responsive mode configurator, plenty of options for a table, extensive admin panel with live configuration, columns, rows, and table cells, and much more. You will get fast and friendly support and free lifetime updates with these plugins.
Major Features:

Ability To Set Your Own Responsive Steps / Dimensions
Different Font-Face Fonts To Choose From With Font Configurator
Columns Width Configuration From the Admin Panel
Ability To Set Columns Width In Pixels Or Percentage
Rows Heights And Paddings Configuration From the Admin Panel
Columns Text Alignment Configuration From the Admin Panel

Download          Preview

Data Tables Generator

Data Tables Generator is a free WordPress plugin that manages the SEO friendly data tables quickly and easily. The intuitive settings panel and the responsive editor save your time. The functional and visual customization of the tables improve site design and let you modify it to cater to a particular individual or a specific task. The plugin includes tables that are fully responsive that adapts all the devices.
Major Features:

Provides customers a convenient and fast navigation
Resolves all problems by optimizing the table’s layout for different screen sizes
Allows to sort table columns and display data in order
Supports Product Attributes, Categories
Translate data table generator
Includes Settings panel and the responsive Editor

Download          View Details


TablePress is a free table WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage the tables. The plugin lets you embed the tables into pages, posts, or text widgets with a simple Shortcode. You can easily edit this plugin in a spreadsheet-like interface without any coding skills. You can import and export the table from/to Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON files. It is tested on the latest version of WordPress. This is a generic plugin that produces tables for text widgets, posts, and pages.
Major Features:

Easily create beautiful tables
Embed the tables into posts, pages, or text widgets
Change the styling of the table
Awesome support from the team
Insert tables by clicking the “Table” button
Gives easy pagination

Download          View Details

Easy Table of Contents

Easy Table of Contents is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that lets you insert a table of contents into your posts, pages, and custom post types. It will automatically generate a table of contents for your pages, posts, and custom post types by parsing its contents for headers. The plugin provides many easy to understand options to configure when and where to insert the table of contents.
Major Features:

Optionally auto-insert the table of contents into the page, selectable by enabled post type
Multiple counter bullet formats to choose from; none, decimal, numeric and roman
Choose to display the table of contents hierarchical or not
Selectively enable or disable the table of contents on a post by post basis
Choose which headings are used to generate a table of contents. This too can be set on a post by post basis
The widget auto highlights the sections currently visible on the page

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Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table

Magic Liquidizer Responsive Table is a simple and lightweight WordPress plugin that is a responsive web design tool perfect for developing your website. This plugin transforms your normal HTML table into a mobile responsive table. It is a complete Responsive Web Design solution such as texts, forms, tables, images, navigation menu, and other HTML elements. And is adapts all the screen sizes.
Major Features:

Tested with the latest WordPress version
Complete Responsive Web Design solution
Simple and lightweight WordPress plugin
It’s a must-have a Responsive Web Design (RWD) tool
Comes with an awesome support

Download          View Details

JRT Responsive Tables

JTRT Responsive Tables is an HTML table editor plugin for WordPress. This plugin lets you create amazing responsive tables without having to deal with HTML or CSS. You can convert your excel CSV files to responsive HTML with a few clicks and easily edit table cells within the backend. It supports multiple tables on one page, custom breakpoints for each table and includes easy to use custom shortcodes.
Major Features:

5 Custom responsive breakpoint sizes
Easily add links/images to your table
3 Different responsive types
Edit Cell font-weight, font-family, text-decoration, font-size, font-color with the click of a button
Custom borders for your cells
Multiselect/multi-edit cells

Download          View Details

Wrapping Up
Here, I’ve tried to list down some of the best WordPress table plugins which are perfect to showcase your data beautifully through tables. 
Before choosing any of the above plugins it is very important to figure out whether you are looking for a highly customizable table plugin or simply want to insert a basic table for data comparison. After all, you wouldn’t want a table builder that has nothing you want when you’re really trying to add several links, images, and colors.
If you have any queries with the above plugins then feel to comment us below.
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